Community Inscription

A group of people met to consider the words we wanted inscribed on the ‘clanger’ that would be ‘spoken’ every time the bell rings. Working with local musician Pete Moser and writer Mollie Baxter we came up with these 12 words

“Bay surging, channels filling, sun setting. I ring, I sing. Listen in.”


We also wrote a poem for every month of the year! Here are the ones for June and July


Flaming June, the sun leads us to the longest day.
And the difference between light and dark leaps out,
grows startling, we see with tidal eyes:
The sea, ourselves, the World
It all must be contained, controlled, divided into Us –
– and Those Whom We Oppose
are kept as far away as we can push.

But the bell rings for both – and all,
Her offered truth waits between the tides,
Our task’s not hearkening the clapper’s strike,
But instead to hear the quiet times
And hold our peace
Instead hear the silence speak
Of the distance grown between two sides.

Roy Watson and Mollie Baxter


The Tide Bell rings out in July,
And there isn’t a cloud in the sky
He is livin’ the dream
As he slaps on suncream
Tho’ his clapper’s beginning to fry!

Mollie Baxter