About MAC

Established in 2014 by a group of friends, Morecambe Artist Colony (MAC for short) is a not-for-profit group of local artists and creatives, passionate about using art for the regeneration of our town by instigating, delivering and supporting curated high-quality art-led exhibitions and projects in existing, new and under-utilised spaces in Morecambe.

We currently curate exhibitions in The More Music gallery, in Morecambe’s West End, and in The Stone Jetty Cafe in Central Morecambe. We have also curated exhibitions in more unusual venues across town including Hart’s Ice Cream Parlour, Brucciani’s, Oasis amusement arcade, Rita’s Cafe, The Old Pier Bookshop and The Temperance Club – Gentleman’s Hairdressers for Deco Publique, as a part of Vintage By The Sea 2016. We are currently working to site a Time & Tide Bell in Morecambe. To learn more about this visit the Time & Tide Bell page.

The group is run by a core committee of around 12 members and has a wider membership of around 80 artists/creatives.

Committee Members:

Graham Dean
Guardian of the Newsletter | Photographer
Graham is a photographer and also custodian of our MAC Newsletters and administrator of artist submissions. If there is an exhibition to be hung you will generally find Graham there helping out. Graham is also a volunteer at Heysham Heritage Centre and exhibits his work regularly in the area.
Elena Gifford
Projects Developer | Deco Publique
In 2014 Elena co-founded Deco Publique with best friend Lauren and set about making their vision of creating unforgettable moments in civic spaces come true. As well as producing Vintage By The Sea and the Festival of Making, Deco Publique's work transforms seafronts, canal towpaths and town centres with uplifting, accessible and memorable experiences.
Sian Johnson
Arts Campaigner
Sian has had a rich and varied career with over 45 years in manufacturing, retail, tourism consultancy and the creative industries. She has worked in the past as project manager for the 1995 study, ‘The Tourism Development of the North West Coastal Resorts’, and as managing consultant for Deloitte, monitoring business and operations for the Millenium Dome. Her consultancy clients include Hadrian’s Wall Heritage Trust, the National Trust, and ONE NorthEast. She is also a member of the prestigious Market research Society. Sian has lived in Morecambe for 15 year and endeavours to truly put something back into the community.
Shane Johnstone
Artist | Sculptor | Educator
Originally a fairground artist in Blackpool and Morecambe, Shane has worked in the film industry, London theatre, commercial arts and special education. He has a reputation nationally as a provider of innovative, practical and accessible multi-media projects to schools and community groups and is a successful co-coordinator of arts events in the Northwest and beyond for local authorities, arts agencies, festival and theatre companies. Shane combines a vibrant and inclusive community arts practice with a highly regarded sculpture and mosaic company, he was Signature Artist at The 2004 Manchester Cow Parade and has created popular landmark attractions such as Morecambe’s iconic Venus and Cupid sculpture.
Paul Kondras
Artist | Agent Provocateur
Artist, Production Designer, Escapologist and Flaneur, Paul was born in Leeds, educated by nuns, Jesuits and amazing parents After studying fun and Fine Art at Leeds and Bournemouth Art Schools, he graduated with a first in fun! He has designed over 100 productions for theatre, opera and dance and was joint Gold Medal winner at the Prague International Theatre Design Quadrennial. Paul also had a trial for Leeds United and auditioned for The Wombles!
Dawn Latham
Artist | Painter
Dawn was born and raised in Morecambe, went to live in London as a teenager and graduated from Chelsea College of Art as a mature student in the 1990’s and has recently returned to the area. Dawn describes herself as a self-employed artist living the dream! Dawn is always creating, but most enjoys working on large-scale paintings. When asked to describe the role of the artist in society, Dawn replies "to cause a pause". She is a big admirer of the public art produced by Artangel. In her youth Dawn served cups of tea in Morecambe railway station tea bar - before it became The Platform! What wouldn’t you do without? comfortable shoes!
Kathryn MacDonald
Chair | Arts Administrator
Kathryn is one of our founding members and is currently Chair of MAC. She is also the Development Director at More Music.
Pete Moser
Musician | One Man Band Supremo

Pete is another of our founding members. A local legend and world's "fastest one-man band", Pete is the founder and current Artistic Director/CEO of More Music. After 25 years at the forefront of community music in the UK, Pete is stepping down and has recently celebrated with 4 fantastic party nights at The Hothouse.

Alan Outram
Musician | Artist
Alan is one of our founding members and curated the 20th Century Morecambe Exhibition for the Vintage by the Sea Festival. Alan makes paper and digital collage, also electronic music, and has recently started a soundtrack Tape Label called Horror Pop Sounds. Why do you do what you do? it has to be done. How do you work? sporadically and then frenzied! What work do you most enjoying doing? making record sleeves. Describe a real-life situation that inspired you: Being on Blue Peter. What is your dream project? go back in time and be the in-house artist for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. What wouldn’t you do without? a sharp blade!
Lauren Zawadzki
Projects Developer | Deco Publique
Lauren is a co-founder, in 2014 along with Elena Gifford, of Deco Publique, based in Morecambe, just off the Victorian Promenade. Deco Publique's aspiration is to bring the quality of international cultural experiences to the places we live and work - seaside spaces, waterfronts and northern towns..

If you are interested in becoming a member please head over to the join page. If you would like to submit a proposal for an exhibition, you can download the submission form as a pdf here or as a word doc here.

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