Coastal Connections is a project that will capture local experience, knowledge and memories of the shoreline to identify changes in the environment, landscape and a sense of place.

Starting in September, local aural historian Steve Fairclough will start interviewing people of all ages to gather stories which will end up as a series of sound pictures on a Shoreline Trail in Morecambe. School projects will connect to Beach Schools and local geography topics to capture young peoples sense of this extraordinary part of our locality and one to one interviews with a variety of people will start to build a picture of the shore over the last 100 years.

The Shoreline Soundtrail will be created in partnership with More Music and will mix actual interviews with location recordings and music.

This has been funded by a grant  from the National Lottery Heritage Foundation; the project will take place under the auspices of  the Time and Tide Bell Organisation, a small charity dedicated to the installation of bells around  the UK coast, and to animating them by exploring environmental and other issues in the relevant  localities.